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    Type not rendering properly

    Richard Fisher 08

      I had this problem in pe 10 now in pe 11. Using the setting for flash card for SD in stanard or widescreen, the bottom and top of the

      letters do not fill in completely. This affects all type, movie menue, imported type from pse or if I just  bring in backgrounds from pse

      and overlay type in pe. I don't have a problem with any other settings like DV,Flip, AVCHD. Uploaded type to youtube looks good and

      projects saved to the computer look good, its when I use the setting  for flash memory and burn to disc with mpeg2 selected.   I had

      Adobe support go inside my computer and they had determind that the properties were not letting the project properly render. They gave me a workaround,export,save,burn to disc which is worthless.  My question is anyone else having this problem and does anyone

      have any ideas on how to fix this?



      Camera : Samsung F 40 SD 640X480 / 29,97 pfs / interlaced UFF/  SD card.  NTSC



      Computer : Inspiron 50/50/ 8gig ram/ 500gig hard drive/ I3 processor 2.3 hz.



      Thanks, Rick