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    Presenter 8.1 upload to Connect not loading in Mac browsers


      I have a finished Presenter presentation that I upload to Adobe Connect and publish the URL for review and approvals.

      The file loads and plays in all PC browsers, including IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

      The same file at the same URL will not play in Safari or Firefox on a Mac, but will play in Chrome on a Mac.

      I am running the latest Flash (11.7.700.225) in Safari 6.0.5, Firefox 17.01, and Chrome 27.0 on OSX 6, 7, & 8 with the same result.

      The Adobe screen opens and the Presenter circle logo just continues to spin.


      The same presentation published with Presenter to Adobe Connect will play in all browsers, both Mac and PC.


      I looked to reinstall Presenter 8.1 to the latest version in case of corruption, but can't find files on the site other than the new Presenter 9.


      URLs are available to appropriate support personnel, but I do not wish to publish them publicly.