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    Fonts don't work properly on all workstations

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      Using CS6 - InDesign

      Four Workstations, all identical iMacs with OSX (10.8.4)

      We have four templates for various publications, and paragraph styles are uniform in most cases.

      The same fonts are installed on all four workstations.

      When we open a template on three of the machines, there are no font messages, but when we open the template or document on the fourth machine, we get the message that it can't find some of the fonts.

      I have installed fonts in the InDesign folder and in the system folder, in fact, Font Book tells me there are multiple copies of the fonts on the machine.

      There is something odd about how the font names show up on that machine. For example, when I open the template on this machine, one of the fonts is "Belizio Black"

      When I open that template on the "trouble" machine, it says it can't find "Belizio (T1) Black"

      The same situation happens for MillerDisplay Semibold and MillerDisplay Bold - The "trouble" machine says it can't find MillerDisplay (OTF) Semibold or MillerDisplay (OTF) Bold.

      After finding the proper font on that machine and closing the document, when we re-open the document on any of the other machines, there are various other font issues. It starts looking for fonts that aren't even part of our paragraph styles.