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    Where did they go?


      My Photoshop.com account had 40,000+ pictures all in JPEG. My account states that all have been migrated to REVEL however, the REVEL account only has 3,000+ pictures and of course Adobe does not provide phone support. Any suggestions?

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          Did you get a migration complete message? Were all of your photos jpg?  Were some of them duplicated in more than one folder/album? Revel will not import duplicates that may be in more than one folder, and it will not upload file types other then jpg.



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            whtwtr1949** Level 1

            Thanks for the input. All are jpg, many are duplicates but there are at least 25,000 that are not






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              Pattie F Employee Moderator



              Upon checking, I can see that you had  a tot al of 3076 files in Photoshop.com. When your account migrated, 3007 were copied to Revel. The others were likely duplicates since you say all files were jpg.


              Are you a Photoshop Elements user? Most users who report that only a subset of their thousands of files were migrated find that the majority of their files are in the elements organizer and were not synced with the Photoshop.com cloud. Files were not copied from your Elements organizer. Only files that were present in Photoshop.com in the cloud were migrated to Revel.


              Since you were a paid photoshop.com user, you have a free one year upgrade to Revel premium. You can therefore upload unlimited files for a year. You can either upload the additional files to Revel from your computer or upgrade to Elements 11 (if you use Elements) and then upload the files from the Elements organizer.  Here is an FAQ that helps with uploading





              FAQ: How do I add (upload) files to Revel?