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    RoboHelp and HTML


      I'm new to RoboHelp and am looking into purchasing. However, before I do, I have a few questions I would like to clear up first.

      If I create an HTML file, can I import it into RoboHelp (i.e. I'm trying to create a template in RoboHelp starting from HTML. By the way, does RoboHelp have the concept of a template (as in MS Word)?

      Thank in advance for the help!
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          Ben Minson Level 2
          Welcome to the forums.

          Yes, you can import HTML files, and yes, RoboHelp has templates. Importing an HTML file to use as a template requires an extra step because RH's templates have a file extension of .htt. With your HTML file open in an editor like Notepad, you can do a "Save As" and save a copy with a .htt file extension, and then import it into RH's Templates folder in the Project Manager.

          Good luck,

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            Thanks for the reply Ben.

            One more question, is creating a template in RoboHelp easy?

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              Ben Minson Level 2
              Creating a template is very easy, I think--you go through a short dialog to set up a title and file name and specify a style sheet. You can change those attributes later if you want.

              RH has a WYSIWYG editor as well as a code editor, so you do the rest there to make the template look the way you want.

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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi suspiration and welcome to our community

                You may find the following link useful when you work with Templates.

                Click here

                Cheers... Rick
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