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    Apps not associating with file types

    glenroyDAVIE Level 1

      We have downloadd the CC version of Illustrator and Photoshop, and if we double click an .ai, or .psd file, they do not automatically open up and instead the windows files association dialogue opens up.. and they not not appear in any file associartions, even if we then file the .exe file, it still does not link. This happens on a W7 computer and a W7 laptop. Is this a bug?... how is it fixed?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          This is not a bug. It's a configuration problem on your system known as "context handler overflow". You have simply run out of possible options for automated file handling because too many programs associate themselves with files - virus scanners, packers, other security tools, otehr versions of Adobe programs and so on. You have to clean out that stuff first, then manually instate file associations using Open with...



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            LMn0P Level 1

            Well, that sounds a bit like an excuse for something that should have been thought of for a task to be completed with install shield while a file is being installed.   I realize if we uninstall using Windows before hand then maybe it's window's fault for not breaking those associations.


            Shouldn't the install of Photoshop CC include a step where it attempts to associate itself with filetypes?  I know other programs being installed will have a step that asks you what files to associate with.  Those are annoying but in this case would seem to help.


            Because jpegs can be opened with any number of Adobe CC apps, I'm thinking someone should have thought about this becomeing an issue now that all these apps are individual installs these days.  I've had to reassociate filetypes after version upgrades before, many many times, but have never had the OS refuse to associate.


            I notice that some of the other CC programs such as auditionCC and dreamW-CC are showing up in the windows association pane of programs.  Are these just not 64bit programs in the collection?  Is that why they seem to work and not others?


            Love the new apps, will be better once this is fixed.

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              Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Please stop saying that - it IS a bug. The installer script for CC 2014 and the uninstaller script for CC "original" have a fundamental mismatch in their use of file class IDs, so if you install a CC 2014 program then uninstall the CC version, it will remove the association and leave the class pointing to the old ID - which the new 2014 executables are not registered for because at the time they were installed, they saw an existing class handler and silently ignored it. They should have forced ownership as they would do in a fresh install, but there's a SNAFU in the script.


              The way to do it is to treat the new version as an old-school replacement, not an in-place upgrade:


              1. Uninstall the CC 'original' apps, choosing to keep your preferences. Your file associations will show the old class ID (such as "Adobe.Illustrator.17").
              2. Restart the CC Desktop App so it recognizes the changes (no need to actually reboot the machine).
              3. Install the new CC 2014 versions - they will sense their file assocations are orphaned and correctly capture them. Any preferences lest behind will be imported, but plugins won't.


              If you've already done it the "wrong" way - installed CC2014 apps then removed the older ones - and your associations are borked, uninstall them and reinstall them - again choosing to keep your preferences. That will convince the install script for the 2014 releases to take over the class IDs again. You cannot have both versions of a CC app installed at the same time and easily switch the class registrations


              The workaround being suggested - to manually associate an extension with the executable - doesn't solve the problem, as when installed properly each application actually registers version-aware handlers, so you get a different icon depending on the version of the file you're looking at (see screenshot below). That visual warning is really important for a number of users and cannot be manually implemented.




              Mylenium wrote:


              This is not a bug.


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                Yep it's A BUG ! The installer must correctly set the file associations or at least ask for. For me actually all is broken and impossible to resolve correctly. Uninstall and reinstall doesn't solve the problem...

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                  bump_and_run Level 1

                  Adobe gives you the installs in the cloud app with no instructions for removing the old ones first.  Then when you install the new ones (that look like updates, not new programs) it doesn't work correctly.  THAT IS A BUG!.

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                    bump_and_run Level 1

                    What if you copy your plugins folder to another drive and then once you finish installing the new versions, copy it to the new software?  Would that keep your plugins?

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                      Steve Lenz

                      I have tried uninstalling all CC apps and rebooting. Then doing "clean" installs of the CC 2014 apps. And it is still not working. When I right click the JPG files, for example, and choose Open With, it won't even let me select Photoshop even if I browse to the exe and select it as the program I want it to open with.


                      Has anyone heard from Adobe on this? We collectively pay a ton of money for these products and should get prompt responses to their mistakes.

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                        glenroyDAVIE Level 1

                        Same problem ... no answer from Adobe.

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                          Shane P Level 3

                          I have the same issue. That's Adobe (UGHHH-"DOOHHHH"-BE) for ya. Let's not rush them, I'm sure it will be corrected by the 2019 version.

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                            thebud Level 1

                            I had the same problem. I installed CC2014 not realizing it would install along side CC, not just update it. (Instructions to that effect would have been helpful.)  So I  end up uninstalling all my CC programs after installing CC2014. So I borked the works, and I pretty much live inside Adobe programs. Could not get them to re-associate, even when I re-installed. I was not able to change the default as normal in Windows7. Uninstalling and re-installing didn't work either. Here is what finally worked:

                            1. Back up all your plug-ins and resources, so you don't lose em.
                            2. Uninstall WhateverCC 2014 program is not associating or is generally being cranky. Do not save your preferences. (Sorry, you will have to re-do them.)
                            3. Go here and get the CC Cleaner Tool which will go through and clean up any leftovers in the registry. (Adobe Tech support for MUSE helped me find it.) :  Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6
                            4. Follow their instructions carefully and confirm that it has done the job.
                            5. Re-boot
                            6. Open the Creative Cloud panel and reinstall.
                            7. I have to do it for every, single, bloomin'  CC2014 app . Now on app five. But it did fix my problems with files not associating and a general crankiness that goes on when that is not happening correctly.  Hope it helps you.
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                              Steve Lenz Level 1

                              Excellent! Thank you thebud. I will try this and report back.


                              Adobe should consider at least adding this to their FAQ soon.

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                                bump_and_run Level 1

                                Followed thebud's instructions completely but didn't work for me.  Still can't associate jpegs with Photoshop.  Everything else associates just fine.

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                                  thebud Level 1

                                  Bummer!  I think I may have an answer(s) when CCleaner fails for Photoshop.  Go to this thread. There are some folk there who have managed to fix your problem by changing the registry when cccleaner failed to work.  Read the entry by middleagedhack for PhotoshopCC to understand the process and a more recent update further along from Grantimus and others because the key location has changed. Re: I cannot associate files with Adobe Photoshop CC . Best of luck!

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                                    Shane P Level 3

                                    Worked for me. Thank you!

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                                      bump_and_run Level 1

                                      I'll give that a shot as soon as I get a chance and let everyone know if it worked.  Thanks for the info!!

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                                        bump_and_run Level 1

                                        I was able to find the fix in the thread thebud recommended (thanks thebud!).  The thread was about going from CS6 to CC but I used the suggestion and just modified to path for CC 2014.


                                        You will need to manually make a change in your registry.  If you aren't familiar with getting into your registry, go to the start menu and type "regedit" without the quotes in the command line.


                                        Once in the registry go to the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Applications\Photoshop.exe\shell\open\command


                                        The string in the "command" key should read "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC (64 Bit)\Photoshop.exe" "%1" (quotes should be in the string).  You may have the path C6 instead of CC if you are moving from C6.


                                        Right click on the word "default" and choose modify.  Change the path to "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Photoshop.exe" "%1" (replacing (64 Bit) with 2014).


                                        Hope this works for all.  If you can't find the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Applications\Photoshop.exe\shell\open\command in your registry there is a reply in the thread thebud gives above tells how to add it. The comment is from Grantimus.

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                                          hhelmbold Level 1

                                          Why call something NEW if it doesn't replace the old?? This is a MAJOR BUG in my opinion. I cannot understand why Adobe cannot just upgrade the applications like every other software vendor does. It is called an UPGRADE after all? So after installing the new CC 2014 apps, you still sit with the "old" CC apps.

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                                            Maxwell K Level 1

                                            I am reading this a year after the last post. CC Desktop updated InDesign and lost my file associations. I cannot get them back, nor could the Adobe HelpChat guy after spending an hour controlling my machine. He tried many things, including editing the registry. He also did not seem to have heard of the problem.


                                            Is there any newer, better fix a year later? Where is Adobe on this?




                                            (Windows 7, CC 2015, only happens on InDesign, other CC apps are okay)