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    This is maddening!!! Encore, where is it?

    scenealive Level 1

      I'm really upset, Creative Cloud decided to go the direction of Apple and drop support for burning discs. Why? I need it to burn discs for my clients. I got it with the thought in mind that I would be able to buy it. Now I've been on the phone with several representatives from India and not one can help me with my problem. I have a project ready to burn to bluray and dvd and I can't do a thing about it.  They told me to uninstall my 30 day master collection cs6 trial. Then install premiere pro, then uninstall premiere pro again but this time uncheck Encore. I did that then it asks me for a serial number. This is insanely annoying!!!! I really need it working and it's like no one got their head out of the gutter to think that maybe, just maybe, there are people out there that pay for DVD and Bluray.

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          [r]Evolution Level 1

          "They" say the Cloud is the future. Well, I live in the present and my present clients need/want discs!


          I have Encore CS6 so I'm good to go, but I wonder about those that are coming onboard with CC. Will they have FREE access to Encore CS6 or will they have to search out other Disc Authoring tools?


          Maybe deletion of Encore this is their way of trying to force us into using Cloud-based subscription services?

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            SteveHoeg Adobe Employee

            Disk burning isn't gone with the Creative Cloud, Encore CS6 is included for all members.

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              scenealive Level 1

              Yeah but my frustration is what I've had to go through while four different representatives in India had to take control of my computer using Adobe Connect and had me install premiere cs6 and then uninstall it while leaving Encore unchecked.  Each time we tried this Encore asked me for a serial number.  Another issue is once I've figured this out how do I get my projects from Premiere CC to Encore ? I'm really ticked as my clients are eagerly waiting their DVDs and I cannot get Encore to work without a serial number.  So Yes Steve it works but not even your specialists taking control of my computer for hours today (four different people) could figure it out. Now I have to pull an all nighter while I try to get my project done.  You guys need to simplify this process.  Please!

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                Apple made this mistake when they abandoned DVD Studio Pro.  But Hollywood and production companies need systems to create DVDs and Blurays. They should've updated Encore to automatically download with the rest of the creative cloud downloads.  So no they didn't "abandon" the project but they left it behind to work barely as is.  But who knows if they'll ever truly update it.  Sad

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                  Suggestion to Adobe.  When one goes to Creative.adobe.com they should see Encore in the downloads area.  It should read "Encore CC" rather than you guys defending you support it day after day on the forums.  And a word of advice us you've learned anything from Apple,  Do Not let Encore CS6 be the last disc burning and disc menu software update you make.  Hoping it'll go the way of the dodo. You'll experience wrath like you wouldn't believe.

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                    UPDATE: THE REPRESENTATIVE SPENT 2 hours and 35 minutes on the phone with me. I just downloaded Premiere CS6 for the 4th time today. It's 10:03 pm Eastern. IT'S STILL ASKING FOR A SERIAL NUMBER !!!!! C'mon Adobe, if this is the case just give me a serial number then. I need to FINISH MY PROJECT!!!!!! What am I paying you guys $50.00 a month for? Time is money and I've just lost a whole day of editing and I'm exhausted.