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    Changing Line Thickness on Grouped Objects?


      So I'm changing my style of animation from hand-drawn art to the usage of things such as the line and pen tool, in Adobe Flash CS3. I am drawing characters that have segmented parts, I.E. the arms, legs, head. body, ect are all separate grouped objects with a set line thickness. The problem is that when I try to shrink or grow the character, the lines making up their body is either too thick or too thin, depending on whether I make him bigger or smaller. It seems that I am unable to change the line thickness of grouped objects, or dare I say it, a group of grouped objects. The properties panel greys out when I select an object, so I have no access to it at all. I dont want to have to go and change the line thickness individually on each object, whose lines are all the same thickness to begin with.


      Is there any trick or plugin I can use to change this, so the line thickness of grouped objects can be changed? Or am I just ignorant with the answer just staring me in the face? Either way, I would REALLY appreciate the help any of you could provide!