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    Saving Error




      When I try to test out my form, it shows up fine, but then if I try to save it, as if I am a recipient who doesn't have time to finish filling it out, I get the error message:



      An error has occurred.

      This form has been imporperly embedded.  For more information on how to fix the problem, please vist the Embedding FAQ [ref: 30EBVlaXYMZFRh7v2gE9OQ, formEmbedError]



      The problem is, I didn't embed it into a website -- I send the link via email.


      Thank you!

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Are you referring to filling out and saving the partially filled out web form from the URL?  How are you trying to "save" it? 


          We do not have any feature that allows you to save the partially filled in web form to continue later.  Let me know a little more detail on the workflow you are trying to use and I can look into the error you see since that doesn't seam like the right error regardless...



          Josh Corey

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            credogalny Level 1

            Hello Josh,


            I created the form, below.


            When I read the instructions, it said that users can complete the form off-line if they didn’t have time to finish it all at once.


            I “practiced” with the form, and tried right-clicking to do a “Save As” but the error message came up.


            I did read about not being able to have attachments if you do it this way, that is why I requested that they email them to me.


            Thank you for your help!



            Kris Armstrong

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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Hi Kris; 


              Your form can be distributed as a web form using the URL you provided and/or as a PDF you would download from the "Distribute" tab and would email or make available for download from your own web site.  In the PDF form users can save the form partially filled out and resume at a later time and then submit the data.


              For the web form there is no way at this time to save the state, if that is of high importance you could send out the PDF for users to fill out instead of the web form URL.


              It was good speaking with you over the phone, I just wanted to post a quick update here for the benefit of anyone needing help with the same issue.  Let me know if you have any other questions.