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    InCopy Story double adornments

    allisonblake Level 1

      I know this probably belongs in the InCopy forum, but the InDesign Forum seems to get more traffic.

      ID/IC CS6 (fully patched)

      OS 10.6.8

      I have recently upgraded to CS6 and a weird issue has come up.

      When I export stories for InCopy, some of my files are getting both the regular "Story is available" icon AND a smaller icon behind it: the "Story checked out" icon.



      This is not a case where there are two stories stacked on top of each other. There is only ONE text frame in the screen shot above. If I drag the frame, sometimes the "checked out" icon moves with the frame, sometimes it appears elsewhere on the page (not connected to a frame, just floating!)
      I have tried clearing preferences, round-tripping the file through IDML, unlinking then re-exporting the InCopy files, but the double adornment remains.

      The extra adornment remains (doesn't change icons) if I check the story out, or have someone else on the network check it out. The main adornment changes as expected, however.

      I should note that these files are converted from CS5, not created natively in CS6. It doesn't happen with every file that I export, about 10%. If the double-adornment occurs at all, it occurs on all stories/frames in the document.
      It doesn't seem to have any detrimental effects to the InCopy workflow, but it is very peculiar!