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    Layers in CS6


      How do I create a blank layer to be used as my "Background Layer" in CS6? I need to do this action before importing anything because once an image is imported, the image is automatically set as the Background Layer. Thanks.

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          D.A.R Adobe Community Professional

          Im not sure I understand. A new document will automatically have a blank Background Layer unless the Background Contents is iset to Transparent in the New File Dialog.


          Then when an image is imported to it, it will be as Layer 1.


          Could you elaborate on what you are trying to acheive?

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            cricketboots Level 1

            Hi David: Thank you for responding.


            I have an image of someone and I want to use a filter to place clouds behind that person. The background behind the person is white. In order for me to place the clouds behind the person, I must first have a blank background layer before the image layer of the person.


            My question is, how can I create a blank background layer that is locked, then import my image, then create the clouds to be placed behind the person. I am aware that once I create the clouds layer, I will have to move the clouds layer between the blank background layer and the image layer.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              There are many ways to do thing in Photoshop once you have the knowledge. With the knowledge I have.  With you person on a white background knowing what you want to do. I would not do it the hard way which you seem to want to do.

              I would not generate a cloud layer I would use a picture of clouds or any other I may want to use. Because you subject is on a white background I would put the replacement background on a layer above your subject and change the layers blending mode to multiply so I could just add a crude layer mask to that layer to let your subject show through and appear to be on top. May look something like this:





              Does she not look like she on top, She is on the bottom. You can even unlink the layer mask on the replacement background layer on top so you can move the background  to position it better


              Here is what  the layer mask looks like it actually would not let much of her hair to show through much would be masked off, However blending node multiply blends in the cut off hair and the white background changes nothing when blended that way.


              Full size