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    Web App Portfolio


      I am currently working on a website that will showcase the work of a business in a portfolio web app.


      I have a working list view that populates a web page with portfolio items. My detail view consists of the expanded information for any particular portfolio item. I would like to add a Flexslider to showcase more than one image in the detail view.


      What I am failing to grasp is how do I add the Flexslider web app to the detail page without having to create a separate web apps for each portfolio item? Does that make sense?


      What I would like to do, is add the Flexslider to each portfolio web app item and be able to only show the associated slides for that particular portfolio item. Is this possible? Do I have use categories to accomplish this? Or is there an easy solution that I am unaware of?

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          cedric@bc-experts.com Level 1

          Just create image fields on your portfolio webapp. Only way to do this is set a maximum number of images per project, then on your detail page will be the flexslide code and replace the image link to your tag_images



          <li><img src="{tag_image1_value}"></li>

          <li><img src="{tag_image2_value}"></li>

          <li><img src="{tag_image3_value}"></li>




          Then you would need to have some javascript code to hide those <li>'s that dont have values (in case there are projects with lesser images)

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            Lucas_J Level 1



            Thank you very much. Your recommendation was very helpful.


            I was able to get my web app up and running by a slightly different means. Turns out it was pretty simple.


            All I did was:


            • Set up the web app as intended
            • Added the flexslider to the detail view
            • Placed {tag_description} between the <ul></ul> in the FlexSlider HTML


            And now, this allows me to add images and video in the wysiwyg editor. All I have to do is wrap each item between <li></li>.


            Not only is this simple, but I dont have to create and use a separate web app to control the portfolio slides like I first thought. I can now add as many slides as I need per web app item.


            Thanks again and take care!

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              habdou Level 1

              Could you please explain what you've added to the detail view of the webapp,

              I am working on the same thing, but has a slight change in the list view and the detail view,

              take a look at this,

              I dont know why flexsilder is not loading right in the detail view.