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    Why can't I rename my project?

      Hi all,
      we recently upgraded to RH6 and its version control. (I am assuming the version control is the reason I can't rename my project).
      However, the tech that installed RH6 put both the server side and the local project on my PC and it's causing issues. One of which is that the name of the server project no longer matches the local copy and seems to cause confusion for other folks in the office. And the second, is that I cannot rename my project at all. I need to be able to rename the project at the end of each month with the current month in the name.
      er... does this make sense? If so, can anyone suggest a solution?
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          Gravenstein Level 2
          You're right about source control keeping you from renaming the project -- at least, that's the way it was in X5. I don't know if there's a workaround for this or not.

          What's the reason behind renaming the project itself? Is this something you could address in some other way (such as changing names or dates in headers/footers, or something like that)?

          BTW, there was an issue in X5 regarding project names. There seemed to be problems with source control if your project name was fewer than four characters. Ah, but that's not an issue in your case anyway, if you have to include a month in the name!

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            MergeThis Level 4
            Sounds like "the tech that installed RH6" needs to straighten this out; it doesn't seem like an RH issue.

            Besides, if you're going to be renaming the project every month, why even bother with source control? I think you'd be better served simply copying your source to separate folders for each month, and have IT back up daily or weekly.

            Good luck,
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              stressmagnet Level 1
              Thanks folks. I totally agree. However I am "only the contractor" and my habit of renaming and copying into month folders didn't seem safe enough for my clients.
              fair enough. Thanks for the input!
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                Amebr-ke0mH4 Level 2
                How about labelling the project each month?

                I don't use RH source control, but in MS Visual SourceSafe, after we check in each release, we apply a label at the project root level. That way we can see when a version went out and get it back easily based on the label (each file receives the label...we found getting by date didn't always work right.)

                Just a thought.