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    Please help me on my new Build


      Salam,i am from Pakistan,know alot about software but new to hardware(i am 16)

      I am making my first ever build,after saving money every way,i have finally marked my budget to be 600 $(60,000 rupees),

      I am a beginner to After Effects,have used Sony vegas for couple of years since i was 13,used hitfilm too

      I am confused with a motherboard,for which one to buy..


      I will be making some short editing(adding effects with after effects full HD)

      I will be also playing games like MW3,full settings,World of Tanks Maximum graphics.


      So i need some suggestions regarding motherboard first,,,,,i will be using that build for some years(so i need a powerfull and latest motherboard)
      So in future i will have to only upgrade my RAM(after some months) and maybe processor.


      If someone can help me with a perfect motherboard,my budget about motherboard is 250 % max


      I want to get a gigaByte Please help me...Confused as hell about damn mobos