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    Interactive buttons on master pages only appearing on first instance in document [CS6]


      I have a document being created for on-screen use that has next and previous buttons in the design. These buttons are on the master page with the 'On Click go to next/previous page' behaviour applied.


      When the document is exported the buttons only appear on the first instance of that master page. IE. If pages 2-20 are created from that master, the buttons only appear on page 2.


      I've seen other people reporting this problem in some other threads without an answer, so hopefully someone will see this who knows what the issue is.


      I presume this is something to do with CS6, this is occuring in a document that was originally created in CS3 or 4. It's been revived for a new edition, and the buttons used to work perfectly under the old version, but now they're behaving as described. I've recreated them from scratch as well as using the previous version, but the results are the same.