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    Extract 3D planes from Cineware

    Chanstuff Level 1

      Is it possible with Cineware to get a 3D layer into AE CC so that I can add text (or other AE data) in the exact 3D position/rotation as the 3D element?


      I can do this using 3ds Max and state sets. It saves out planes as 3D layers in AE so that I can precompose them and then drop text or other AE elements into the precomp and it will keep the exact position/rotation from the 3D file. Great for adding dynamic text to animations without having to go back to the 3D program.


      I cannot see any way to get any data other than lights and camera into AE.

      I know I can use the camera data and then drop text in and move it whre it should be but this is rough and can take time and effor to get it to work without it rotating wrong due to the position not being exact.


      I hope I am making myself clear with what I am meaning.