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    Sound in PhoCC

    AadMetz Level 2

      When I import sound (mp3) into a Photoshop document, I can't hear it in Photoshop CC (Timeline).

      When I do the same with Photoshop CS6, I hear the imported sound-file.

      Is this a bug or an option which isn't activated?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You need to provide exact system information before peopel can even begin to guess. and on a more general level: Compressed audio is evil for any form of editing. Convert the fiel to a WAV/ AIFF using a suitable tool.



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            AadMetz Level 2

            Sorry Mylenium, didn't know that you got angry.

            The only thing I asked is if there is a difference between the CS6 and CC version.

            I tested on the same system with the same audiofile