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    indd-idml image issues


      I've recently had a plug-in installed in InDesign that causes other Macs within the company. Upon contacting the programmers it turns out this is a common problem and the only way round it is to install it on every other machine or downsave files to .idml for use on other Macs (the former is not an issue as we need to send out to printers etc. So the plan is to idml it all, then dump the said plug-in)


      My (bigger) problem begins here - when I export from .indd to .idml some of my images (it appears to be the ones that are rotated) seem to move with the bounding box. Working with some very lengthy files, it could take a while to single handedly check that all of these images are repositioned correctly.


      Is there any reason that would be causing this or quick fix to resolve it?