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    Form action 'Create and Update Account' not working

    therazor10 Level 1


      I'm new to CQ5.4 and I was taking tutorials regarding how to create forms on a page. So now when it comes to setting a form action, this is what the Adobe says,


      "A range of actions are provided with a standard CQ installation, these can be seen under:



      The pre-installed standard actions which they are talking about are..

      1. Account Reuqest

      2. Create and Update Account

      3. Edit Resource(s)

      4. Edit Workflow Controlled Resource(s)

      5. Mail

      6. Profile Update

      7. Reset Password

      8. Set Password

      9. Store Content


      Out of these above listed actions I could only find scripts for Store Content and Mail at the path which they've suggested. And it turns out only these two form actions are working correctly. For all the other form actions and especially the 'Create and Update Account' action, on page submission nothing happens.


      As these actions are getting populated in the dropdown, it is because somewhere the script for them has been stored. I just can't find where exactly? It is not in the path which they've provided --> '/libs/foundation/components/form/actions'


      Am I making any mistake? Can someone please help? Why is my 'Create and Update Account' form action not working?