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    Adobe digital edition 2.0 not openned


      Hello All,


          In windows xp serivce pack-2, ADE 2.0 is working perfectly for few days only, but after few days ADE 2.0 is not opening. I dont know why it is not opening? Can anyone tell me reason behind this?


      If RUN>>MSCONFIG>GENERAL>DIAGNOSTIC STARTUP - LOAD BASIC DEVICES AND SERVICE ONLY > APPLY > OK and restarting the system then the ADE 2.0 is opening.


      If RUN>> MSCONFIG>GENERAL>NORMAL  STARTUP - LOAD ALL DEVICE DRIVERS AND SERVICES > APPLY > OK and restarting the system then the ADE 2.0 is NOT opening.  As you people are well aware that we cannot use the diagnostic startup since it will allow basic service and devices only.


      I have tried the following methods to overcome this issue (from internet)


      1. Uninstall Adobe Digital Editions using one of these two methods:

      Start > Programs > Adobe > Adobe Digital Editions > Uninstall

      Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs

      2. Initiate Uninstall

      3. In order to remove all remnants of Adobe Digital Editions /  Adobe Adept from the machine a "Registry Edit" will need to be  performed:

      Start > Run > Regedit

      4. Search for HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Adobe > Adept and Delete the full "Adept" folder

      5. Remove only the structures that are under the "SOFTWARE"  extensions. This will remove the Adobe ID / License and Activation Keys

      6. Clear any outstanding tasks that may be associated to Adobe  Digital Editions downloads

      C:\data\my digital editions

      C:\my documents\my digital editions

      7. Delete any documents within these folders:

      Restore > Tasks

      Restore > Failed

      8. Re-install Adobe Digital Editions

      9. I have updated Windows xp from SP2 to SP3


      The above methods didn't helped me to solve this issue. Then, i have used DIAGNOSTIC STARTUP and safe mode, it was opened, but not in normal user mode.