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    Stopping Slide Auto Advance S.O.S.

      Hi Everyone -

      Sorry for such a simple question but it's making me a little crazy. I'm using Captivate as an authoring tool which will include software simulation. I've created a slide that displays the course outline. The user will have the option to select the area they'd like to view (skip to slide linking option) but when I preview, the course slide auto advances. There must be a way to stop slides from auto advancing, right? Ultimately, this course will be advanced only by the user clicking the Next button.

      Can anyone help?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Pants Lu and welcome to our community

          See if the following link helps you sort anything

          Click here to view

          If it doesn't, please post back and clarify.

          Cheers... Rick
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            jojolina Level 1
            Hi Pants Lu

            I see Rick has already posted, so apologies to the big guy for busting in (mea culpa), but I would like to add something from my own personal exerience that could help.
            In a preview you do not necessarily see the same as a user would. What I mean is that your built in pauses through the use of text boxes, click boxes and buttons will not show. In other words, a preview largely shows the speed and flow of the project. I would recommend that you actually publish the project and look at it as a user would.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Good morning, Andrew

              No need to apologize, my friend. The forums are a wonderful and rich place because of discussion!

              I would like to clarify that a bit though. I think you may be referring to the preview one sees by pressing F3, or the Spacebar or by clicking the tiny little Play button below the Timeline. That particular preview is really just for checking the timing of objects. But if previewing by one of the other means, (From this slide, Next N slides, Project or In Web Browser, the pauses should work if they are there.

              Cheers and happy Friday all... Rick
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                Pants_Lu Level 1
                Thanks to both Andrew and Rick! You're replies have both resolved my issue and given me a few additional ideas. I'm so glad I came across this forum!

                Enjoy the day!

                Pants Lu