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    Adobe scout without cc ?

    verdave Level 1

      Hey there.


      your updater just interrupted my workflow with the following message:

      "thanks for trying scout. this version has expired. To continue using scout, you must upgrade to a newer version."


      Scout is no longer usable.

      Please make this update optional, dont force a damn modal popup window on me.


      The last time i downloaded scout, it was a standalone dmg/exe file.

      Is there still a working standalone (offline) installer ?




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          Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

          To continue to use Scout, you'll need to upgrade to the latest version - this is still free, but you need to sign up for a (free) Creative Cloud account, and download it through the Creative Cloud application manager. There is no longer a standalone installer for Scout, however once you make this change, it'll be much easier to update in future.


          You'll have noticed over the last few weeks that there was a notification in Scout telling you that there was an update available. We do expire older versions of Scout, because they contain bugs that are fixed in newer versions, and they may not work correctly with the latest version of Flash Player. New versions of Scout are always backwards-compatible, so you can still open any FLM files that you have saved.


          You can download Adobe Scout CC, here:



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            verdave Level 1

            Thank you for answering - I thought so.


            Can i expect other Adobe products to behave a similar intrusive way ?


            If so, how does an Application know its expired ? Is it a build-in / hardcoded date or does it get the shutdown command from a remote server ?


            In other words:

            Does blocking internet access for adobe products and a harddisk clone ensure I always have working copy of my cs6 pro suite ?


            I just want to be able to update when I think its the right time (e.g. in the evening), and not when the updater forces me to (during a meeting with the client) and basically renders the application unusable.



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              Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

              I can't comment on the specifics of our licensing mechanism, but I can assure you that you'll never be forced to upgrade a Creative Cloud product, if that upgrade would break backwards compatibility. CS6 is not part of Creative Cloud, so you won't receive any updates to your software other than bug fixes. I don't know the specifics of this upgrade mechanism, but I'm pretty sure they don't force you to update.


              With Scout, the switch from a standalone installer to Creative Cloud is disruptive, and I apologise for the inconvenience. However, once you've made this switch then subsequent updates will be very quick and easy.


              Adobe Scout CC is released as a free preview, and we have to concentrate our efforts on providing the features that developers need to build better Flash content. We don't have the resources to support multiple versions of Scout, which is why we made the decision to force users to update, after a certain grace period. I hope that the inconvenience of updating will be more than compensated for by the new features and bug fixes in the new version.

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                AmitChorge123 Level 1


                This is no way useful for me as I am unable to connect with your Adobe Creative Cloud from office network.

                It says No Network Connection gives back a error. Unless I do that I can no way use scout. This is getting difficult. Can you do my life easy by helping me use atlest the older SCOUT version or providing me with a offline installer


                Saying tht Scout is free and impoising so many restrictions is not goona help me

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                  Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

                  You don't need an internet connection to use Adobe Scout CC (or any other creative cloud cloud products - even the paid ones only require internet access every few months, to validate your subscription). You just need the connection to install it.


                  This should not be a problem for most users, but if you have specific corporate needs, then we have enterprise Creative Cloud solutions that give you much more flexibility over installing/managing software in your company:



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                    Ascanio2 Level 1

                    Dear Michael,


                    I guess you think you addressed the corporate needs with the Enterprise page. But things are never black and white.

                    I work for a large enterprise, so large in fact, that a simple task such as having our firewalls setup to let me use CC is practically impossible.


                    I need Scout, I need it back now. And this whole CC thing is just making my life miserable.

                    I can not get CC to go online, we have PAC policy files for internet access, and outbound data is capped to 4.9KB (anything over that will trigger a network error) per message (not per packet).


                    I need a standalone installer. I need it now. All the BS regarding the "cloud" stuff is hurting me and my business.


                    If it were a perfect world, everything would be cool. But it's seldom straightforward. And I have to deal with a network that is as closed as it can be.


                    Please, give me (and other people) a break!! We need solutions, not problems.

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                      Jonathan A Dunlap Employee Moderator

                      Verdave, AmitChorge123, Ascanio2-


                      Thank for being patient, and I hope we can provide you with an acceptable long term solution. We understand and feel for your frustration in not being able to access Scout because of your company’s Internet policies that are in place. I’ve personally felt this difficulty with other software because of the same reasons but did find similar solutions that I’ll propose below.  To be earnest and clear, this is our policy now for our software releases and there are good reasons why the installation workflow works the way that it does.


                      • Solution A: Communicate with your IT and management divisions to discover out how the Creative Cloud can be put on a whitelist for its Internet connection, as the software is required for your productivity.

                      • Solution B: If your employer can’t allow such an exception, a custom solution can be designed for your particular situation. This is the Creative Cloud Enterprise route, which is a fancy way of saying that we can put a proper workflow into place for meeting your particular situation. 
                        Phone: 888-649-2990     
                        Contact form:  http://www.adobe.com/products/creativecloud/enterprise.html
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                        dvdgsng Level 1

                        This is horrible. Updating a standalone-Scout to a CC-Scout should not be necessary, it has been working great for the last few months as it is. So, tell us, why is CC now required to use Scout? Why isn't there a standalone version available? It really shouldn't be such a big deal, you don't even make money with that (great) product.


                        Oh, and btw, CC does not work here as well, and, frankly, I really don't want to use it - at all.

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                          Ascanio2 Level 1

                          Thank you for your message. In fact I was able to pull down a good proxy address from the PAC file and get the installer working.


                          Unfortunately I work in a large enterprise (Fiat Group Automobiles), and it is all but frustrating to get such things as a firewall update. The fact that we work in a closed environment where outbound data traffic is capped at 5Kb per request makes it impossible to use even simple forms online!


                          Thank you for you time anyway! Very appreciated.

                          Have a nice one.



                          Btw, your online community framework doesn't allow me to reply to a message from my iPhone. You should look into that




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                            Jonathan A Dunlap Employee Moderator

                            All of our software efforts are offerings bundled under either free or paid Creative Cloud membership. Because of this membership to free accounts, Adobe Scout is able to continue as an active product for you to enjoy. There's little needed to continue using Scout: a free CC signup and the ability to download/connect the software. If this is not possible for your company's network or simply unacceptable, solution B above allows us to provide full support for your unique situation. Hope this helps!

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                              molotowitzz Level 1

                              Hello, I just got this

                              "Thanks for trying scout. this version has expired. To continue using scout, you must upgrade to a newer version."

                              message today with Upgrade and Exit buttons. I have a valid paid CC subscription and Scout stopped working (was working a few days ago though). It is installed only on one machine (there are two machines where I use my CC applications as license terms allow).


                              My Creative Cloud application is a (probably) latest version I have uninstalled and downloaded Scout again through CC and it is still not working with the same result. I have tried logging out and into CC again. 


                              I need it for my work (just now, of course..).

                              Thank you


                              PS: This machine had Scout installed previously (some months ago) when it was free, then I switched to CC.

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                                Mihalache Level 1

                                I got the same problem, Adobe Scout has expired and I cant use it. CC says Scout is up to date.

                                Did you manage to fix this in the meantime?



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                                  konsnos Level 1

                                  I too got the same problem as molotowitzz and Mihalache. I have a free account and Windows 7 x64. Uninstalled Scout and reinstalled it and I got the same problem. Scout keeps asking me for an upgrade. I don't know if it is related but when I click on the upgrade I get a notify to reset my password, which I have done.


                                  Edit: There's another forum thread for this problem here.

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                                    molotowitzz Level 1

                                    No, I have not figured any fix. My Scout is still not working.


                                    I have not changed my password recently.

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                                      Mihalache Level 1

                                      Like konsos said above, there is another forum thread about this problem. It seems that you can temporarly fix this Scout problem by changing the computer;s year back to 2013, then start scout, then change the year back to 2014.

                                      I did this and it workes for me......

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                                        Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

                                        Hi everyone,


                                        We've pushed out an update. There are still a few issues with the Creative Cloud installer, and the download link from the Creative Cloud website, so you need to:


                                        1) Uninstall Scout

                                        2) Restart the Creative Cloud desktop app (quit it, then reopen it).

                                        3) Click 'Install' next to Scout CC in the Creative Cloud Desktop app.


                                        We're really sorry for the terrible experience, and the time it's taken to release a fix. If you encounter any problems following the above steps, please let us know.