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    Rtmfp cannot send data

    hadoop1984 Level 1


              I'm using rtmfp to send data in my fps game.

              The game works well , except that in packet loss situtation.

              I unplug the network cable for 2 seconds to simulate packet loss.

              In most time it is no problem, but sometimes the recv side of the rtmfp connection

              is normal but cannot send any data over the connection and the connection

             will keep open and no erroe info is presented.

              The rtmfp server is coded according to rtmfp protocol specification



            but the client is flashplayer ,a black box. I don't know why it will never send data out


           even when the server is still sending data and ack to the client.


           Anyone can help me? There is no other choice in flash to use udp but rtmfp,help me,Thanks a lot.

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          perhaps you aren't implementing the timestamp echo facility correctly, such that Flash Player's ERTO (retransmission timer) is very high.

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            hadoop1984 Level 1

            1. When the ERTO is very high and the app logic  still keep sending  data out in a while loop  what will happen?

            In my application no more data can be sent out except ack is still sending out .


            2. In my opinion ERTO  only affect the retransmition data(data that is already sent  but not acked  ),It will also cause the new


            data blocked and not sent out?


            3.Is there any relationship between ERTO and congestion control?


            Is there any article about the flash client side congestion control and retransmition when  dataReliable is false

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              Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

              1. when ERTO is very high and your app is sending data with dataReliable=false, then a lot of that data might time out before it is ever transmitted.  however, any data queued within 1 second of bandwidth becoming available will be sent.


              2. ERTO affects when data that is outstanding is declared lost, and when the congestion control state is reset to "timed out with loss" (so outstanding is set to 0, the initial congestion window is set to about 1500 bytes, and the packets-between-acks counter is reset to 0).  at that point a new transmission will be allowed.


              3. yes, ERTO is part of the congestion control algorithm.  Flash Player implements all described portions of ERTO calculation and congestion control requirements in




              there is no other article about congestion control and behavior of Flash Player beyond the RTMFP spec.  when dataReliable is false, the RTMFP messages for those NetStream.sends() are set with "1 second queue lifetime and no retransmissions", so they will be sent a maximum of one time, and might be sent 0 times if they time out before congestion control allows transmission.


              note that if your messages are very large, and the round-trip time is high, there might not be enough time after an ERTO and a "timed out initial congestion window" to ramp up the congestion window and transmission rate to get the whole message sent before it times out.  if you're using dataReliable=false, you should try to keep your messages small enough to fit in one UDP packet (about 1100 bytes in RTMFP).