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    Does filterComboBoxBuildFromGrid work?


      ALSO FOR CLARITY: This issue is with Flexilicious ExtendedDataGrid. I'm new to Flex and did not originally catch that...

      LATEST UPDATE: Issue answered here. Some one at stackoverflow had a similar issue and it was resolved. Solution provided for convenience. This is the line of code I was missing:

       comboHeaderColumn.useLabelFunctionForFilterCompare = true;

      that line is followed by these:

      comboHeaderColumn.filterComboBoxBuildFromGrid = true;

      comboHeaderColumn.labelFunction = formatState;

      where formatState is a local method that formats the data for the combobox.



      Update: I now have the combo boxes loading with the correct data, but when I select a value it does not filter the data... Does anybody have this working?


      Does filterComboBoxBuildFromGrid work? I get "All" and a blank row even though the column has some data. I have about 20 columns and anywhere from 20k to 500k rows of data possible so these filters are essential.




      For Request Reason and State I do this: comboHeaderColumn.filterComboBoxBuildFromGrid = true;            



      Flex sort columns.png



      When you click Request Reason or State combo box I get this:

      Flex sort columns 2.png


      The Custom Date filter works and the text filters work, but the combo box's do not. Any help, suggestions or link to an article would be nice.