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    Protecting integrity of data records

    NVL-Tom Level 1

      I have a MS Access database that is accessed over the web via Coldfusion pages developed in Dreamweaver.  A big portion of activities concerning the database records is the update of fields within the records to reflect activities performed.  The activities are frequent and any record could be subject to updating multiple time each day by any one of 5 staff members.  Obviously data integrity is of utmost priority, and I am looking for the means to ensure that if a record is open that another staff can not perform an update until the other party exits the open record.  


      With my intermediate skills, I was thinking of establishing a status check off box and that upon entering the lead the box would be checked and the record updated.  In this was the underlying page page displaying available (hyperlinked) records could reflect the status of the record in accordance with a 0 or 1 being present in the "STATUS" field.  But I was hoping for a more elegant solution.


      Any advice that you can lend would be appreciated.

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          tclaremont Level 2

          If data integrity is one of your top five objectives, stop using Microsoft Access for a web database immediately. Move to something that is up to the task such as SQL Server or MySQL. This is especially true when you are concerned about things like record locking, etc.


          Access is great for tracking your baseball card collection, but multi-user applications over the web are a disaster waiting to happen.

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            NVL-Tom Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.  I was fearing that the question would go unanswered. 


            I appreciate what you are saying, but I am dealing with an existing database that is used by multiple web programs.  At the present time I am stuck with Access because of this.

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              p.sim Level 3

              I agreed with tclaremont's suggestion about moving to enterprise level database system. I also understand your situation because it happened to me before.


              I'm not an expert in Access, but adding STATUS field would do the job.


              Good luck!