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    Problem Merging PDF files using CFPDF

    sw63 Level 1

      I need to merge a pdf file that was created as a scanned document, with a normal pdf file, but keep getting the generic Adobe Acrobat error,  "An error exists on this page...". I am using cfpdf action="merge" to do this. An example of my code follows below:


      <cfpdf action="merge" source="c:\PDFdocs\testfile1.pdf,c:\PDFdocs\testfile2.pdf" destination="c:\PDFdocs\testfile3.pdf" overwrite="yes">


      This method works fine if merging 2 normal pdf files, but if either of them was created as a scanned pdf file, I get the error. The normal pdf file will display ok in the merged file, but the scanned pdf file generates the error when viewing it. If anyone has an idea how to do this another way using coldfusion, if it cannot be done using cfpdf merge, I'd appreciate any help.


      Thanks in advance!