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    Encore without Photoshop Camera RAW?



      I would like to install Encore CS6 as addition to Premiere Pro CC. I already have additional content from the CC software, like Adobe Camera RAW 8.1 (CC). So I disselect everything:


      The installation will give an error and links me to the error page, which says:

      Exit Code: 7 Please see specific errors below for troubleshooting. For example,  ERROR: DW039 ...   -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------  - 0 fatal error(s), 1 error(s)    ERROR: DW039: Selection of payload Photoshop Camera Raw 7 (64 bit) {55F0AFED-606D-476A-A07A-134291002FBA} is not allowed. It is non-selectable and should be removed from deployment.xml file  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

      System Requirements


      So I have to install "Photoshop Camera RAW 7.0". When I select it, the setup works fine, but I don't want do that. I don't even understand, why Camera RAW is necessary for Adobe Encore. I want have a clean installation without additional software. Why can I disselect Camera RAW, when it wont install?

      Thank you very much.

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          Stan Jones Ninja

          I don't understand that code, but for the INSTALLATION step, you must install Premiere and Encore. Then you uninstall Premiere and keep Encore.



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            encoreuser2 Newcomer

            The installation without Premiere works fine. There is no reason to install both and uninstall Premiere after it. I think the Help site tells it, because Encore normally comes with Premiere and some users are not smart enough to deselect Premiere during installation and wonder, why they suddenly have two versions of Premiere Pro.

            And at all, this step wont let me avoid Photoshop Camera RAW of what I want...


            Oh and no... the uninstall process wont let me uninstall additional components. Just Everything of nothing.

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              Stan Jones Ninja

              I have not installed CC. But my understanding is that you MUST install Premiere CS6 family to get Encore. You can then leave, or not leave, PR CS6 installed. If there is an option to install Encore without Premiere,  you would think they would provide that instruction, rather than the equally difficult uninstall only PR and leave EN.


              You should contact Adobe re an install issue.

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                encoreuser2 Newcomer

                Do we really have to discuss that? When I say Encore installs without Premiere Pro, but not without Photoshop Camera RAW you can believe me or you have to try yourself.

                Maybe you will trust this Screenshot:


                Yes, it could be photoshopped easily, but it's not... It only succeed with the installation of Adobe Camera RAW 7.0.

                When I install Encore with Premiere Pro, I still have to install Photoshop Camera RAW or I get the same error you see in my first post. Deinstall Premiere Pro CS6, wont deinstall Adobe Camera RAW 7.0. Only deinstall everything also deletes Adobe Camera RAW... and Encore, of course... but I want keep that.

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                  Stan Jones Ninja

                  Oh, I believe you. I just don't understand it. And I don't know how to fix the error you are having.

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                    encoreuser2 Newcomer

                    I also don't understand, why I can deselect Camera RAW at the installation but it wont install. So why I have this option? And I still can't see a relation to Camera RAW and Encore. Encore is for creating DVD and BD, not photos... And I already have Camera RAW 8.0 (CC). I don't want have tools twice on my pc.

                    CS6 is out about a year... so I hoped something had the same issue and found already a solution. Fixed installer? Whats about the deployment.xml in this error code? I can't find it in the install folder, just 'deploy'. Maybe I have to modify it?