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    Any known issues with Premiere CC and imported HDV clips?

    Phil Mariasy

      I'm having consistent difficulty with Premiere CC playback of HDV video that originated in FCP 7. This was not an issue in Premiere CS6. The problem is dropout and pixelization which is consistent, pass after pass, and occurs at the same TC location on some clips. It is almost like some clips are corrupted in a consistent manner, while others are not, and don't seem to become corrupted.


      For a variety of reasons, I still shoot HDV on a Z1U, and use an old FCP7 workstation to digitize media. I then import these individual video clip files into CS6. These are clips that play correctly in FCP, Premier CS6, and in the Finder, and Quicktime Pro, but not Premiere CC.


      I have Dropboxed a sample clip to my service contact at AJA, and she is reporting the same issue with Premiere CC. (The technical support at AJA is the best I've experienced in over 30 years of video production).


      The same issue presents itself with HDV clips that were converted to such from .m2v via Clipwrap.


      Any other types of media play correctly within Premiere CC. For example, I have a CS6 project that is nothing but After Effect CS6 anims comiled into a program in Premiere CS6; it plays perfectly. So do any media that Premiere CC puts through its own conversion or import "routine," like AVCHD. Even XDCAM clips that went into FCP via XDCAM Transfer play well.


      Any thoughts?