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    after a while video preview dropped (BM) and i get a ( 86 :: 2 )

    Tombox72 Level 1

      It's haunting me for a few days now in After Effects CC


      At first everything seems to work fine with my blackmagic decklink Duo and all of a sudden after an irratic amount of time of working the video preview drops away not able to reselect it in the dropdown of the preferences. It doesn't even show. And to make things even worse I get the ( 86 :: 2 ) error on my timeline when after effects needs to render a frame to display.

      Thus not even able to work on with my desktop video


      After rebooting after effects all start from scratch not knowing how many seconds/minutes it will be up


      Not selecting any video preview doesn't give any solutions the error message pops up and when checking the entries in the videopreview preferences there's none to select again.


      What did I do:

      -tried other footage

      -renamed footage

      -delete prefs

      -removed hardware (decklinkDUO)

      -used cloud clean tool to clean all historical cs ties


      this link gave me a lot of tips to check but didn't solve my problem


      Does anybody have the anwser for me to get rid of this?



      -osX 10.7.5

      -Model Name:          Mac Pro

        Model Identifier:          MacPro5,1

        Processor Name:          6-Core Intel Xeon

        Processor Speed:          2.66 GHz

        Number of Processors:          2

        Total Number of Cores:          12

        L2 Cache (per Core):          256 KB

        L3 Cache (per Processor):          12 MB

        Memory:          24 GB

        Processor Interconnect Speed:          6.4 GT/s

        Boot ROM Version:          MP51.007F.B03

        SMC Version (system):          1.39f11

        SMC Version (processor tray):          1.39f11

      -Blackmagic DecklinkDuo with drivers 9.7.5 (latest)

      -SeriTek/2ME4 v. 6.0.1