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    How Can I View Others Form?


      How can i view others form? How can i give my response to others made form?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          I am not clear on exactly what you are asking so I'll give a few answers. 


          You can "Distribute" the form:  To share a fillable form simply give anyone the forms URL from the Distribute tab, or get the URL from anyone else who's form you want to fill out. 


          You can also "Collaborate", share the design with another FormsCentral user and allow them to view the responses:  http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-3351


          In addition you can "Publish Responses" which creates a link/URL that anyone can go to and view the responses in the Summary Report and/or Response Table.


          Hopefully one of those is what you are looking for, let me know if you need more info on any of them.