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    Image Link Disappear when use Object Layer Options

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      I am facing a critical issue here in InDesign. I've some links in InDesign, it's an Adobe illustrator image link which has multiple layers included.

      when I export those link as IDMS and import it in indesign. And then change the object layer user Object Layer Options suddenly linkes gets disappears from Indesign link panel and now image is not linked from anywhere.


      Detail Steps:

      1) Create a Link has multiple layers in it. Leave couple of visible and other not visible

      2) Save it as .ai file.

      3) Import that link into InDesign.

      4) Again export that link as InDesign snippet (.idms)

      5) Import now that snippet into InDesign file.

      6) Use Object layer option and change the layer visibility.

      7) Link disappear from the link palette.


      I don't see anywhere if it can be due to some settings before export or import.

      Can someone help me out on this issue.


      Thanks in advance