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    Type and shape tool not working.



      I'm a neophyte to AE so, this may be an easy fix, but I've looked around and can't find an answer.  I am going through Lynda.com training right now and it's going over the text and shape tools.  When I click on them, the cursor changes to what it's supposed to be.  When I click on the comp with the text tool, a red blinking cursor is there, but I type and , while the cursor moves as though it's typing, and what I am typing shows up in the layers panel, nothing shows up on the comp.  And this is when the text layer is layer 1.  Similarly, when I use the elliptical tool, I click and drag, but nothing happens, however, a layer appears in the layer panel.  I've examined the settings on the layers, and they seem to be the same as the ones in the tutorial, so I am stuck.  Can you help?