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    Exporting in Premiere CC

    dcs11 Level 1

      I have a 14 min sequence filed with various formats, stills, effects, etc.  Everything renders and plays fine on the timeline, but when I go to Export, the export gets stuck whenever it hits a title (just a regular title made in premiere) or a random still image.  Its very strange because everything renders fine and I'm not having any issues with Premiere.  It just won't export.  I'm on a Pro Res timeline and trying to export either using previews or matching sequence settings.  Both of them fail.  When I try to export to another format (like h264) it seems to work. 

      This is killing me because I have a finished project I need to deliver, but I can't export it in Pro Res!

      Any advice?


      I'm on Premiere CC (latest update installed) on a Mac Pro running Mountain Lion (latest update)