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    Possible to create Apple Help using RoboHelp

      I will soon need to produce Apple Help for a Mac app that a client is porting from Windows. I developed the Windows app's .CHM help several years ago and last updated it in 2006. I'm still using RoboHelp X5.0.2.

      I am interested in learning if it is possible to use RoboHelp for HTML to create Apple Help. I think that using the WebHelp layout will give me at least much of what I need to produce, but I am concerned that RoboHelp's generated HTML code won't pass muster. (At least, that's what I read on the Apple Help forum at Apple.)

      Is there anyone out there using RoboHelp to create Apple Help? What pitfalls are ahead of me, or should I not even try with RoboHelp? FWIW, I've use RoboHelp extensively for many years to create WebHelp, FlashHelp, and Microsoft HTML Help, so I consider myself fairly expert... I just need a nudge in the right (or a different) direction.