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    Object Fitting Keyboard Shortcuts Disfuntional


      My Object Fitting Keyboard Shortcuts do not work.  However, these functions work fine when selected from dropdown menus.  For example, 'Ctrl+Alt+c' does nothing, but selecting 'fit frame to content' from a dropdown menu works fine.  Similarly for the other object fitting options.  I use these keyboard shortcuts all the time and would like them to work.  How can I fix this? 


      I am using Indesign CS6 for windows (64bit).  I have already tried reloading/updating my preferences and reinstalling indesign.  Additionally, I cannot add these shortcuts to the keyboard shortcuts as they are already defaults, so the system thinks they are already loaded.  Here, when I attempt to add 'Ctrl+Alt+C'  in the 'new shortcut' box (under: Edit - Keyboard Shortcuts) nothing happens - I cannot add it and it does not even appear in the box when I press those keys.  When I attempt the others 'Ctrl+Alt+E', et el, they appear in the box and say they are currently assigned as defaults (as they should be).  Any ideas?  Like I said, typically I would use these shortcuts regularly so it is a bit of a pain that they do not work currently.