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    Rating Scale Response View


      I like the Rating Scale Field option. In the Response View Table it splits the Header Row into two rows. 1 for the Title of the Rating Scale Box and 1 for the Field Name.


      Form View


      This is my Rating Scale Title
      Rating 1


      Rating 2


      Response View


      Field 1Field 2Field 3This is my Rating Scale Title
      BingBingBing Best


      When I Export Data to an .xls Spreadsheet I get a similat Split Header Row, this makes it Difficult to Filter and Sort on Colums without reformatting the Spreadsheet.


      Also a feature Request would be able to control a Field Data Translation i.e. Bad = 1, Good =2 and Best=3   This would allow data in a format that computers can manipulate without a lot of string manipulation. Acrobat IX Form Objects can do this.


      As a matter of fact a more robust set of Form Objects with a little simple scripting ability (not necissarily full blown Jave) would turn FormsControl into an AWSOME Application.


      Regards, Dave