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    full browser flash

      I have a full browser script that is working just fine (script below). I am having trouble however positiong an imported .swf clip into a movie clip (mc2). Even though the movie clip's registration point (mc2) is in the center, the .swf that goes in has a top left registration point, and that top left registration point is what gets centered, leaving the entire clip to be off center. I need help centering an imported clip with a top left registration point? Does the stage size matter? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      // ***Stage aligned top left
      Stage.align = "TL";

      Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";
      stop ();

      mc2._x = ?
      mc2._y = ?

      sizeListener = new Object();
      sizeListener.onResize = function() {

      mc2._y = ?
      mc2._x = ?

      loadMovie("MainSlideshow.swf", mc2);