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    Check Project problem


      I have created a project with an intro movie that goes to a menu and from there to various chapters. This all works/looks fine but when I check the project, it's giving me a whole load of 'problems'. I am fairly convinced that it's all gor to do with the "weddin multipage menu hd". If I could deleter that, I think all would be fine. The problem is that I don't see this item anywhere in my project ! It's not in the orphans panel in the flowchart, not in the project panel and not in the menu panel. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong ?


      Using Win 764 bit. GTX 550Ti CS5





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          Stan Jones Ninja

          Phantom orphans can be a real problem. But in most cases, you can ignore them and the project still works. That always worries me because there are so many players out there that don't work right with a project without issues.


          This often requires restarting the project; if you do, create a new project with a new name.


          Unrelated to your issue; do you have an override set on your disk properties?

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            Herugrim123 Newcomer

            Hi Stan. Firstly, can I ask: can you just ignore problems in the check build panel ? I assumed that you had to fix everything before it would let you proceed with the build.


            Secondly, in answer to your question: yes, in response to a question someone else had asked, I put an override on the disk properties to go to the main menu. Could that be a problem ?





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              Stan Jones Ninja

              Some can be ignored; they are just warnings. But others mean your project or navigation won't work as you intend.


              I had never seen an override on the disk properties till someone had an example the other day. I do wonder if it was adversely affecting them. I don't know what it does, so I have no opinion about it. It shouldn't matter, since nothing would ever invoke it. But something must invoke it or it would not exist. But I don't see what it does, and I have seen quirky things happen.


              Can you point me to the information re how it might help?

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                Herugrim123 Newcomer

                This is where I got the info from:



                Also ( should have asked the last post ): when you say restarting and creating a new project with a new name, do you mean to start from scratch or simply save as a different name - close and then open the newly named file ?



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                  Stan Jones Ninja

                  I don't think they are talking about placing an override on the disk itself. That has nothing to do with the title remote etc. And yes, I would gamble (cause I don't like all those "errors") by removing that override to see if it helps in any way. Probably won't.


                  The save as may not work (try it). And Encore tracks a lot of stuff that you can't access (that's where phantom orphan's come from), so you need a brand new name.


                  You can import menus from the old project if you have modified them, but you have to redo the navigation.

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                    Herugrim123 Newcomer

                    Update: I tried removing the override on the disk but, as you suggested, that did not help. Next, I tried to save as a new name but when I open the new file the damn phantom is still there.

                    I am going to start from scratch...very carefully !


                    Thanks for your help anyway.





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                      Stan Jones Ninja

                      Good luck!

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                        Stan Jones Ninja

                        Just saw this post. Don't know why he responded to a thread that is 3 years old, but it gives you another option.



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                          Herugrim123 Newcomer

                          Stan, thanks for that. However, I'd already restarted from scratch by the time I saw this message. All is fine now but I am none the wiser as to how that wedding menu snuck into my project. I see in the post that this guy says there is a reset command in the flowchart. I might go back to the old problematic project at some point and try this..when I have a few minutes to spare. It does seem strange that he responded to to the old post rather our up to date live one. Maybe it was just a coincidence...





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                            Stan Jones Ninja

                            Glad it is working!  Let us know if you do the experiment with your old one!


                            The most frequent way this happens is for a default menu to be added by an inadvertent key stroke. As to why it becomes impossible to get rid of, no idea!

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                              Herugrim123 Newcomer

                              Me...inadvertant keystrokes !! :-) I tried reopening the damaged project and now it does at least show the wedding menu in the orphans menu. But I can't dlete it. I also tried to select the auto layout but that must be in CS5.5 or higher because it does not give me that option. Right clicking only gives me the "new" and "import" with their respective drop down options ( menu, asset, timeline etc. )

                              Anyway, I've got what I wanted with the new project and so will just delete the corrupt file. I will in future try to keep my chubby fingers on one key at a time !





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                                Stan Jones Ninja

                                Thanks for reporting. And kudos for your sense of humor! Until we are all perfect, it is the only way!

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                                  the_wine_snob Legend

                                  I only time that I was faced with a "phantom orphan," was when I accidentally hit the button to add the default Menu to the Project, realized what I had done, and hit cancel - viola, phantom orphan Menu. When I have accidentally added the default Menu, but let it load fully, I was then able to Delete it, and IIRC, I did so from the Project Panel.


                                  I feel that the action of trying to Cancel, before that Menu was fully loaded, is where I messed up. In that case, I just restarted the Project (was not too deeply into it), and did not encounter a problem.


                                  Now, from reading about phantom orphan Menu issues, I have not noticed that any of the users tried to Cancel out of the operation. From that I conclude that it was never mentioned, or more likely, there are other operations, that can cause the phantom orphans, and those usually involve the default Menu.


                                  Most of all, good luck with your new Project,