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    system audio in captivate

      When I record a session from a website in captivate, I can't catch the
      sound on it. I have tried to select the 'system audio' in the preference
      panel - but it is not selectable?
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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hello there and welcome to our community.

          When you say that you cannot catch the sound, do you mean that you are attempting to record the sound from the website? If so can you download the sound from the site into either a WAV or MP3 format?

          Regards - Mark
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi filiph and welcome to our community

            In addition to what my fellow Adobe Community Expert Mark offered, I'll toss in the following.

            The ability to record System Audio may not work on all computers. It doesn't work on my PC either. I've been told by a TechSmith employee that it's because I have "sucky" sound hardware. Although I thought the response was a bit on the harsh side and not exactly what I wanted to hear, at least it was an explanation. My audio works fine otherwise.

            If you aren't able to use Mark's suggestion, you may still capture audio using a simple patch cable you can obtain at a store like Radio Shack. The cable is maybe eight inches long and simply plugs from your headphone or speaker out directly back into the microphone input. If you also need to blend in voice, you may also obtain a mixing device. The mixing device plugs into the microphone port and you plug the mike and speaker out into the mixing device.

            Cheers... Rick