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    Help, Invalid .psd file problem.

    KeyNox Level 1

      Hello, i will try to be clear with my problem:


      For the past three days i have been working on a drawing in photoshop CS6.

      I was working on it this morning and it went just fine. I save it and when i quite the program a message appeared saying Photoshop has stoped working.

      The file was still in the place i saved it, everything seemed ok so i took a brake. A few hours later i tried to open it again and a message apeared saying Photoshop could not open the file because it is not a valid Photoshop file.


      I have tried to open previous .psd files and they worked just fine. I fear that the file might be damaged, but i really hope i'm wrong.


      If you have a solution i would be more than glad to hear it.


      (I work with a Sony and Windows 8)