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    Audio from media files becomes corrupted, but video from same files remains fine.


      I've been recording footage on a Sony nxcam in AVCHD 1080p 30fps for use in a premiere pro project. After importing the files into premiere they all work perfectly fine, no video or audio issues. I edited an entire narration using only the audio from the media files, and then left my computer for about an hour to get lunch. Upon return, the audio in the files skips huge chunks, and ends about a minute before the video ends, but the video seems unaffected. Deleting and reimporting the files doesn't solve the issue, somehow only the audio in media clips seems to have been severly messed up. This happened again earlier this morning, a media file was working fine, and then suddenly only the audio has huge chunks missing out of it, and the remaining chunks are all bunched together with no gaps so that the audio ends minutes before the video does. Any ideas?