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    HD to SD

    stevedross Level 1

      I want to take a project (sequence) done in HD and get a good quality SD version of it. I tried several settings, but nothing turned out very good. What I ended up doing was, I exported the final video from the timeline in HD to the desktop and then used Freemake to convert it to a nice standard def. mpeg for our playback system. It looked very, very good.


      I tried several settings in Elements 11, but have not had any luck. I just figure if Freemake can do it, Elements 11 can do it. It's just something I'm not doing right.


      Any help is appreciated.




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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Recap time...


          What were the full Premiere Elements export settings for the file that you took into Freemake for this "nice standard def. mpeg for our playback sysem"?




          What were the properties of this standard def. mpeg that you ended up with? What are you using as a player?


          Where are your Premiere Elements 11 problems in the video, audio, or both?


          Backing up even further, could you remind us of the details of your Premiere Elements 11 project that generated the HD sequence that went into Freemake...

          a. Source media properties, including progressive or interlaced frame rate, frame size, frame rate, compression.....

          b. Project preset





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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Quite a few users have never been fully satisfied with Premiere's HD to SD. This has been for PrE and PrPro, alike.


            Though you seem to have found a viable alternative, you might want to see Jeff Bellune's tutorial on HD to SD. Though Jeff was doing the research and production on this with PrPro CS 4, his suggestions are still being used with all versions of Premiere: http://bellunevideo.com/tutdetail.php?tutid=12


            Good luck,



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