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    Output Monitor

    pcford Level 1
      Hi Gang, I am having Puget Systems build a new video editing workstation. (praise jeebus) (3.2 i7 Six core; 32 gigs RAM; 2 gigs GPU; solid state C drive...etc.) I have already purchased (and am using on with my current box) an Asus PB278Q 27" computer monitor. What should I get for an output monitor? How about a decent consumer grade HDTV and a matrox mxo2 mini? I am pretty much tapped out; don't want to spend a whole lot more. Also, I should add that I am red/green color blind so there ain't going to be any color grading on the machine...at least not from me. ("Green?!!! Looks like yellow to me.")
      What say the mighty intellects of the group?
      Thanks very much, folks.