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    images  too small to edit


      Something just  happened here. In the past, when I open any photo in Elements 10, the image would pretty much fill the space. the bottom edge of the picture would almost reach the bottom of the workspace...whether vertical or horizontal format. Then I would create a duplicate and hit either ctrl + 0 (zero) and the duplicate would be a nice large size. ( Double clicking on the little hand in the tool bar would also do the same trick).


      Now , for some reason, the picture opens to maybe 60% of that size. It's way too small to work on comfortably. The duplicate is even smaller.  When I hit the ctrl + 0 ...nothing happens size remains the same. If I pull on lower right hand corner to enlarge...it only enlarges the ruler and frame. Picture itself remains same small size. How can I get that back? I tried a system restore. that did not work. Thank you.

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          Are these photos in the organizer? Are you sure the originals have not been lost? It sounds like you may be editing the thumbnail instead of the actual image. Go to your catalog and do a reconnect to be sure the files are all there.

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            Southpaw101 Level 1

            Hi Barbara,


            Thank you for your response.


            I don't use the Organizer. Never have. I have my own system which I've been using for over 10 years and thousands of pictures...first with Photoshop 6; later with PSE 7 on  earlier computers and now with PSE 10 since June 2012.  Its always been fine beforehand. And I have only had problems with 10 on this. Its happened before but I think last time it was under warranty and on screen dialog Support Team helped me get it back.


            This is how I work.....


            Whenever I save my photographs, I create a (new)  file on the desktop.  then I will download all the images from that project  from the SD card into the file ( example...Quebec...or Dilapidated Houses; or Antique Car Show 5/2013;  etc etc.) OK then when I want to edit a picture.... I open that particular one in PSE. Then I immediately make a duplicate. OK Here is where the problem now occurs. Prior to today, after I have the duplicate on the screen.....I would just hit ctrl + 0 (zero)  and the picture enlarged to a nice size. Very easy to see and work with. (One can also double click on the little hand in the tool bar for the same effect). But something happened here and when I now do that...the image does NOT enlarge. It actually creates a smaller duplicate.  Which makes it VERY hard to edit when its so small.


            Please refer to the page  attached to this email file. These should help to show what my problem is here.


            How do I get back the function where ctrl + 0 (zero) or double clicking on the toolbar hand gives me a nice full image?


            Thank you.

            Art Herman

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              Barbara B. Level 7

              Well, the first thing to try when PSE gets weird is to delete the preferences. Quit the editor, then restart it while holding down ctrl+alt+shift. Keep the keys down till you see a window asking if you want to delete the settings file. You do. You must do this from the actual .exe file, the button in the welcome screen, or the button in the organizer. If you have set the welcome screen to automatically start the editor, it won't work that way.

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                Southpaw101 Level 1



                Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


                You knew exactly what to do. And it is now fixed.


                Firstly you were correct about the Welcome Screen. I have my computer set to bypass the Welcome Screen and go right into Editor. But I just referred to a book I use here PSE 10 The Missing Manual which is extremely helpful.....OMG.....   Are you Barbara Brundage?    If you are....I got your book when I got PSE 10 in June 2012.  It is a terrific book. I keep it handy right here on my desk. Anyway....I just went to page 18 (Say Goodbye to Welcome Screen) to see how to bring back the welcome screen which allowed me to follow your instructions below. And now it is working again. And I just again said goodbye to welcome screen.


                BTW...this is the second time in the past 2 weeks or so that you have helped me. I had a problem with the color picker and you had told me to just click on the radial button next to H to get back the prism colors that I had lost.


                I really do appreciate your help.


                Thanks again and have a nice weekend.

                Art Herman


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                  Barbara B. Level 7

                  You're welcome, Art. I'm glad it's working again, and glad you enjoy the book.