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    is there a Kaleidoscope plug-in for Pshop?

    Bananzaman Level 1

      hi Folks,


      I used Paint Shop Pro for years and they had a great Kaleidoscope generator effect built in to the program.


      Switched to Pshop a couple years ago, and have been sorely missing the Kaleidoscope thing.


      I've searched high and low on the 'net and there seems to be nothing out there.  Some freebies made for PC but nada for Mac.  (yes, i know there's some lame videos about how to do it in awesome awkward steps using mirroring and rotation and blah, blah, blah, but no, Martha, I'm not buying it.


      Is it really a difficult programming feature to cook up one of these things?   I mean, hey, people are doing amazing stuff with fractal generators and computers, isn't about time someone coded a simple kaleidoscope plugin for Pshop on Macs?


      thanks for any inspiration.