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    Resizing large PSD Files


      Hi everyone,


      I currently work for a fashion company whom do lots of designs using photoshop and the rest of the adobe applications.


      When they save PSD files they're about 1GB in size.


      Storage on the server seems to be getting very low now and we need to do something about it. We have several options in place for extra storage but would like your advice on down sizing the PSD files?


      For example:


      1) Are there add-ins to downsize?

      2) Are they saving the files wrong?

      3) Are they using wrong effects. layers etc?

      4) Is it normal to have 1GB PSD files?

      5) What can they do to have smaller PSD files?


      Thank you for your time, looking forward to hearing your response.

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          MikeKPhoto Level 2

          Well since I upgraded some of my cameras to Nikon D800's, yes I can easliy get PSD files greater than 1 GB - especially with layers. You have a few options but I would check with your Photoshop users before taking any action. Storage is relatively cheap so you may want to consider that option first.


          Flattening a Photoshop file will reduce the file size - but you run the risk of upsetting a user who wants to come back and tweak an adjustment layer or special efftects layer only to find out that is not possible as the file has been flattened and all the layers are gone.


          You can also downsize the files, convert to high quality JPEG - all will reduce the file size but again is this what your users need?


          Personally I archive my originals (RAW files) to two storage devices - one disk based the other I burn to DVD and my final images (layers and all) to another storage device. I often get repeat orders that may need a tweek, so I save will all layers intact. But that's just me.



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            charles badland Level 4

            It's pretty easy to get to a GB file nowadays. A 4TB drive can be had for under $200 USD. (Can store 4000 1GB files)

            Things to check:

            Probably no need for a layered cmyk file.

            If all editing is done, files can probably be 8 bit/channel.

            Eventhough PSD has a lossless compression, you  may want to see if saving as  layered TIFF with LZW compression makes for a smaller file.

            Check trimming "big data" : image information outside canvas area.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Storage is affordable these days so buy more and don't compromise you work.  If you  can not budget more storage archive seldom used assets and create an offline library on DVDs.