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    Extremely sluggish UI responsiveness help?

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      I'm working on several complex (75MB+) projects that makes After Effects CS6 UI extremely slow to repond to commands. I have to click and hold down my mouse button for maybe 10 seconds to turn off an effect. Moving around the timeline is extremely slow. Dragging layers in the timeline takes the UI 5+ seconds to catch up with where my mouse is.


      I notice in my Activity Monitor, AE is always cooking at 95% on one core. Even if it's just sitting idle. I'm assuming it's doing something that is single threaded which is making it slow to respond to commands. Not sure what it could be doing since the current frame is cached. Any ideas what it's doing when sitting idle??


      Simple projects have no UI slugishness.


      (AE CS6, iMac [late 2012] i7, 32GB RAM, Fusion Drive, 200GB SSD global cache drive, Nvidia GTX680MX 2GB, Mac OS X 10.8.4)