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    Sequence Conforming and "Same as Source" in CC / Pro Res


      Hello all.


      Using Premiere CC - on both a Mac 10.8.2 and 10.7.x.  Both machines have CS6, as well as FCP 7 and FCP X installed.


      The goal is to import 1 ProRes file with captions, do a few cuts, then export with as minimal transcoding as possible.  No other clips, no other codecs, nothing but cuts and dissolves and captioning.


      I import a ProRes file, and create a new sequence based on that file (planning on doing an export after the edit which was based on sequence settings.  I thought this would be the easiest way to maintain the same settings through the entire process.)


      On my 10.8. CC machine, dropping a ProRes 422 HQ file on a new timeline, and I select to change sequence settings to match the clip, the sequence settings display DNxHD145.  On my 10.7.x box, the timeline comes up as AVCHD.  An associates machine comes up as ARRI.  Timebase and frame size are right, but not the codec.


      I understand that the sequence settings are less important for output, as the transcode pulls from the raw media, not the sequence esettings.


      However, without the sequence accurately conforming to the media clip, I am unable to export using sequence settings.  This means I need to manually transpose the codec properties into the export window.  This can be tedious and is easy to mess something up.




      1) why is the sequence not conforming to the ProRes clip?  And why is it different on 3 different machines?

      2) How can I get the export settings to mirror the clip properties? - without manually transposing the properties?

      3) The end goal, in Avid parlance, is "Same As Source".  Does this function exist in Premiere?


      Thanks all!