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    Keeping tiff transparencies in InDesgin


      Good People,


      First let me say I've tried searching for this answer but haven't found it. But if I missed it please direct me to the proper place and I'll go there.


      I've created an image of a bottle in Photoshop that has a "reflection" of the bottle underneath it. That reflection fades to a transparency with a gradient mask I made, and to create the illusion further I've taken the opactiy of the reflection (it is it's own seperate layer) down to around 60%. In Photoshop this looks great, but when I export the PSD file to a tiff (preserving the transparency) and place it in InDesign I get a...well, I get a mess. My transparency and gradient disappear, and instead I get a hot mess underneath my bottle. I've tried a million different settings, flattening the image before saving as a tiff, etc. But so far I feel like a chump when I try and get something nice to show my boss.


      Any ideas? I'm including a crude representation of what I'm trying to do in case my rambling above isn't very clear (it's late and I just got home).


      Any help is appreciated with the force of a thousand suns.



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          Bill Byers Level 2

          There is no need to save as a TIFF - just import the Photoshop .psd file directly into Indesign.



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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            There definitely is an advantage to TIFF with either ZIP or LZW compression, transparency maintained, and maintain layers over PSD in this case. The file will be much smaller in most cases than the corresponding PSD file.


            If you truly have a transparent background, that transparency will be maintained from TIFF assuming in fact you did save with maintain transparency option. (I do this all the time quite successfully!)


                      - Dov

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              blue_pills Level 1

              Bill and Dov, thank you for your replies. I haven't tried using the PSD file, mainly for size reasons as Dov mentioned. And I have been making sure they are saving with the transparency options checked. I'm just not sure why this is happening the way it is. I even went the "destructive" route and used the mask to "erase" section of the reflection that I wanted to "fade away" (rather than using a mask to "hide" it) and still got the same flattened results. I'm off to work again, I'll try experimenting some more. Somewhere I've gotten a layer order or masking option off I would guess.

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                A screen shot would help. Also, where are you viewing this? In ID? If so, make sure high quality preview is on and that your link is up to date. If you're seeing it in a PDF, make sure you're viewing in Acrobat or Reader and not Mac Preview.