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    graphics and Flex

    antioxinent Level 1
      Hello all,

      I am starting a project and we're using Flex Builder2. I have experience with Flash and most all of the major graphics programs. I will be in charge of design so I'll be supplying the graphics.

      My question(s) is this: Should I compress the graphics before I supply them to the programmers? In flash for example, I bring my graphics into flash uncompressed because when the SWF is created, it compresses them there. Does Flex operate the same way?
      In other words, when an application is created in Flex, does it rely on and outside folder/directory to access the images, OR is it like a Flash swf, that is a standalone?

      Thanks in advance,
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          JKohn99 Level 1
          You can do it either way. Graphics can be loaded dynamically or embedded in the Flex generated swf file. We had a design firm create graphics for us which they delivered in a swf file. we then embed them via the embed statement;

          in a css, to use as a skin

          borderSkin: Embed(source="Panel_Main.swf", symbol="Panel_Border");
          titleBackgroundSkin: Embed(source="Panel_Main.swf", symbol="Panel_Title");

          or a image in a mx:image
          source="@Embed(source ='../assets/Graphics_Set_A.swf', symbol='Input')"
          or as a class in an As3 class:

          [Embed(source='../../../assets/Graphics_Set_A.swf', symbol='Output')]
          protected var _elbow:Class;

          Embed(source='../../../assets/Graphics_Set_A.swf', symbol='Output')]